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We provide free autism training for caregivers, medical providers, first responders, school districts, healthcare systems, and community organizations.


Every AARC workshop and training session is customized and designed to fit participant needs.


Training services are provided on-site or via Zoom.

AARC Training

Learn more about our free, fully customizable training services.

AARC Training Guidelines


  • What does training include?
    AARC Resource Specialists offer specialized autism training to individuals, groups, and businesses working in a variety of settings. Through our training courses, participants will learn more about autism and how to best support the unique needs of each autistic individual. Participants of each training can expect to: Gain an understanding of autism and the diagnostic criteria. Receive empowering strategies for working with autistic children, teens, or adults in the home, school, or community setting. Improve understanding of sensory needs and acquire strategies for creating supportive learning or community spaces. Enhance perception of how an autistic individual may experience a crisis situation or medical emergency. Review and reshape communication and/or de-escalation responses as needed. Leave with resources for themselves, as well as information to share with their family, peers, colleagues, community, and/or clients.
  • Where is training held?
    Training sessions and workshops can be provided on-site or via Zoom. Onsite training that requires air travel must have a group of a minimum of 25 participants. Training sessions or workshops via Zoom do not have a minimum participant requirement. No matter who you are or where you live in the state, we want to help you learn more about autism!
  • How much does training cost?
    All AARC training sessions and workshops are free.
  • Who can request training?
    Anyone seeking evidence-based practices for supporting autistic individuals can request autism training from the AARC. Autism education and professional development is provided to: Parents Educators Service providers First responders Medical personnel Community Agencies Caregiver and Support Groups Employers Schools Daycares & Care Professionals Foster Agencies Churches Recreations Centers Residential Providers Educational Institutions
  • How long is training?
    Training length and training topics are customized to best meet your needs.
Environmental Consultation

The AARC offers environmental consultations.


This consultation and training will provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to make your space more sensory friendly and safe for autistic individuals, students, or clients.

Environmental Consultation

Request Form

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AARC Training Request Form

Request Form for AARC Training

Thank you for submitting your request! AARC offices are currently closed for summer break. Autism specialists will return to the office on August 15th. Our staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

We appreciate your patience, we look forward to supporting you.

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