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The Alaska Autism Resource Center (AARC)  is committed to protecting your privacy and will collect no personal information about you unless you choose to provide that information to us through an online form, participate in a survey or contact us by email. You may decide whether you want to participate in these activities or not. Typically, personal information that is requested through these means include:

  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • You mailing address

  • Your phone number

  • Your role in our community

  • Other information volunteered in response to a survey

The AARC does not share, sell or transfer personal information to a third party. Your personal information is shared only with those individuals necessary to respond to your request or to fulfill the stated purpose of communication. We will not disclose any personal information unless disclosure is required by state law.

If you have questions related to this Privacy Policy or would like to be removed from the AARC Provider Database, please contact us at or 907-334-1300.

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